Improve efficiency with sophisticated scheduling tools

Today, companies are focusing more than ever on lean operations, and the need to work more efficiently than ever before. The question in the minds of company executives is, “How can we do more with less?” One of the key places to find efficiency improvements, and to understand what’s behind those efficiencies, is in the world of scheduling the company’s operations. Yet this critical area is often overlooked. After all, the company is moving forward, and all is well … isn’t it? Sometimes the answer is, “No.” A closer look and some changes to the way that scheduling is done may have a major impact on the future.

Go from general-purpose to fit-for-purpose

At present many companies use simplistic and general-purpose tools for scheduling—such as MS-Project, or MS-Excel spreadsheets—to manually create simple resource assignments with dates. This shows how activities are carried out by resources over time, but that’s all: it’s very difficult to understand how any changes to the schedule affect costs, resource utilization, and other Key Performance Indicators. This can lead to major problems: resource assignments changed with no insight into the cost impact, more non-productive time than is necessary, schedule delays because required equipment isn’t available, for example. Actenum DSO overcomes the limitations of manual scheduling with its built-in AI-powered optimization engine and linkage to schedule KPIs, enabling companies to maximize efficiency, shorten project timeframes, reduce risk, and achieve predictable and reliable production.

An enhanced level of scheduling capability

By using Actenum DSO all required schedule information is in one place. No more switching spreadsheets to find a key item of information. As well, you can rapidly generate “What if?” scenarios to answer questions and make your entire operational activity sequence more efficient and aligned with your objectives.

Automated, interactive scheduling

Manual scheduling is difficult, time-consuming and error-prone. Actenum DSO is user-friendly, fast and accurate.

Increasing consistency and reliability

Speed schedule creation, increase consistency and reliability, while significantly limiting any possible errors.

Better collaboration

Benefit from input from the multiple stakeholder groups and better collaboration.

Monitor impact of changes

Get insight into the impact on KPIs, so you always know how any changes will affect your targets.

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