About Us

What makes us different makes us better

With capabilities that include automatic and manual scheduling, activity sequence optimization, built-in scenario creation/analysis features, team-wide schedule access, analytics, and more, Actenum software enables organizations to maximize project collaboration and efficiency, shorten project timeframes, reduce risk, and achieve predictable and reliable production.

  • Automatic Scheduling:
    Actenum automatically builds schedules that meet your business goals and constraints
  • Optimization:
    You benefit from built-in AI-powered optimization that finds the optimal schedule and delivers business value every time
  • Immediate Answers:
    You get instant insight into the impact of changes on user-defined Key Performance Indicators
  • Scenario Planning:
    Powerful “What if?” capabilities allow for rapid comparison of multiple scenarios, so you can always choose the best way forward
  • Rapid Implementation:
    We’ll get you up and running fast, so you can realize value right away

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