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Real world results using Actenum DSO scheduling software

Master Scheduler,
U.S. E&P Operator

We’ve integrated every activity across multiple teams into our master schedule; even third-party activities because they constrain us and impact our overall success. When you have the visibility Actenum DSO/Upstream gives you into every aspect of your operation, you can truly be strategic.

Senior Planner
Global E&P Operator

The difference between Actenum DSO and other scheduling software is the flexibility and scalability to mold it around how different teams work. Instead of you adapting to the software, it adapts to you which has dramatically increased adoption rate and buy-in from all our different teams. Not once has it not been able to work the way we’ve needed it to.

Planning Analyst
U.S. Onshore Operator

Before Actenum DSO, preparing for a planning meeting was like going into battle. Now, because the system allows you to instantly see the impact a change makes to KPIs like production or budget, there’s no need to fight with team members. Actenum DSO just tells the facts. It has dramatically improved team morale and revolutionized the way we work together.

U.S. E&P Operator, Permian Basin

Actenum DSO helps reduce cycle times but also determines economics and value so we can effectively prioritize our development areas. It’s highly configurable which makes it easy to use.

Planning Analyst
U.S. Onshore Operator, Delaware Basin

Actenum DSO has allowed us to hit our budget at a level never before seen, and the dynamic, “What if?” scenario planning has dramatically improved our decision making.

Operations Business Advisor
Global E&P Operator

I’ve researched scheduling software for a long time, and nothing compares to Actenum. It is definitely the best solution out there.

Global E&P Operator

DSO helps reduce cycle times, but also determines economics and value, so we can effectively prioritize our development areas. It’s highly configurable which makes it easy to use.

Senior Scheduler,
Major E&P Operator

When I first came to the company, everyone was busy putting out fires—like scrambling for permitting for a well that the rig was on its way to—and now with Actenum DSO/Upstream, we are scheduling 6 months in advance with tremendous visibility into all activities of all teams, from drilling and completions, to facilities. We’re hitting our production and budget goals like never before.

E&P Operator, Offshore

One of the most powerful aspects of the software is the “What if?” scenario planning. It helps us see in minutes how a change to the schedule like dropping a rig impacts production, cost or other metrics. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

U.S. Independent Operator, Permian Basin

The company is very dedicated to the software and its clients and that’s what makes Actenum scheduling software a great product. The technical and sales staff are responsive and very easy to work with.

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