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Increasing well delivery efficiency through enhanced scheduling

  • Does your drilling schedule ever lead to offset well violations?
  • Do you ever come close to losing a lease because your well delivery schedule doesn’t take expirations and continuous development days into account?
  • When your manager wants to know the cost of your drilled inventory, does it take more than a few seconds to give an accurate answer?
  • When your well delivery budget is altered does it take you more than 10 minutes to reschedule your project?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions you’re not alone. 8 out of 10 oil and gas operators use scheduling software that doesn’t effectively support well delivery projects. And they employ a manual process that's time-consuming, error-prone, and laborious, and that doesn’t take business objectives into account. This can lead to higher costs, loss of production, and lowering of shareholder value.

Our White Paper "Increasing well delivery efficiency through enhanced scheduling" explains the limitations of simplistic scheduling software, and describes how Actenum's DSO/Upstream and DSO/CX software tools ensure that well delivery schedules are always optimized, and that accurate and reliable information is available 24/7.


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Challenges in Asset Management

This White Paper focuses on the way that Actenum's DSO/Maintenance software can improve asset performance and have a positive impact on three major issues faced by production organizations:

  • Workforce turnover,
  • Alignment of corporate strategy and operational reality, and
  • Organizational collaboration.

Managing assets effectively and maximizing their effectiveness is key to achieving production targets, controlling costs, and meeting organizational objectives. But asset management has traditionally been more about keeping track of data about assets from a transactional perspective, rather than improving an asset’s effectiveness and performance. The information collected is, in fact, irrelevant unless and until someone acts upon it: people need to analyze and use this information intelligently to make informed decisions that positively impact overall asset performance.

DSO/Maintenance enables maintenance and operations managers to use all available asset information, so that production equipment is scheduled for full and efficient use.

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