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DSO Products

Schedule optimization for upstream operations

Actenum's schedule optimization software enables you to improve well delivery efficiency, optimize resource use, and meet cost and production goals. Deliver predictable performance by aligning integrated operations schedules with business rules and constraints, and enable everyone in your organization to benefit from a complete, single source view of operations.


Our DSO family of products effectively and flexibly manage resource use, so that equipment, vehicles, materials, and people are scheduled in an optimal way. Resource utilization is maximized, while business goals are met. Learn more by reading our White Paper, "Increasing well delivery efficiency through enhanced scheduling".



A powerful, dynamic scheduling tool for oil and gas exploration and production operations, DSO/Upstream automatically aligns complex well delivery schedules with business goals.



A “use anywhere” tool, DSO/CX enables operations team members to share, view, and report on consistent, up-to-date schedules created using DSO/Upstream.



DSO/H2O optimizes the use of available frac water resources—at minimum cost—as part of an integrated operations schedule.

DSO Maintenance


DSO/Maintenance improves production throughput by maximizing equipment uptime through accurate, reliable maintenance schedule optimization.

The world's most advanced schedule optimization engine, DSO (Decision Support Optimizer) processes thousands of schedule combinations per second to identify an optimal sequence of resource and activity assignments. DSO improves efficiency and reduces costs to hit multiple operational efficiency targets—all while meeting business rules and constraints. DSO reduces the time required to create an integrated schedule from days to minutes.

Actenum DSO Products
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DSO Infographic