Optimizing offshore logistics scheduling

Move to superior supply-chain coordination for operations

In the world of logistics, timing is everything. For example, in onshore drilling, moving rigs from one well to another takes accurate scheduling of multiple resources, such as transport vehicles, forklifts, and crew personnel as well as scheduling for dismantling of the equipment itself. These resources need to be brought together to perform a task according to a fixed window and budget, so that the next well can spud on time. With Actenum DSO/Logistics, you benefit from reliable, timely, and actionable scheduling information that aligns resources and assets with your costs and key production goals.

Actenum brings it all together

Actenum DSO/Logistics provides a “single source of truth” for all activities, that is visible by everyone. There are no extra spreadsheets or files laying around with details about the schedule. Actenum allows you to build and manage logistic schedules with automatic assistance and an AI-based optimization engine that identifies the optimal schedule. And, it allows you to run “What if?” scenarios to see what works best to get the move done on time and on budget. Schedules can be updated in real-time to deal with real-world operational changes, such as when the weather doesn’t cooperate or a piece of equipment breaks down. So, you can make the best decisions.

Ensuring efficient offshore logistics

Offshore rigs require ongoing supplies such as drill fluids, fuel, drill pipes and other materials needed for production as well as food and other necessities for the rig personnel on board. Actenum DSO/Logistics helps ensure your operations run according to plan by scheduling the supplies and support vessels needed to transport people and goods to the rig, reliably and economically.

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