Maintenance scheduling that delivers increased uptime and minimal production loss

Ensuring that your maintenance schedule maximizes production and tool time while making the most efficient use of your people can be tricky to do. Often, maintenance is performed too early, leading to unnecessarily high maintenance costs, or it’s done too late, increasing the likelihood of equipment failure and a halt in production. As well, it can be difficult to minimize the impact on production when maintenance is scheduled manually.

With a sophisticated built-in maintenance model coupled with an AI-powered optimization engine, Actenum DSO/Maintenance scheduling software provides accurate and reliable maintenance schedule optimization, which leads to improved production throughput and maximized equipment uptime.

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See how Actenum’s scheduling software keeps production moving.

Maximize asset performance

Maintain equipment on a regular basis or resolve faults rapidly.

Shrink schedules and reduce costs

Match resources to maintenance goals to reduce or eliminate backlog and minimize costs.

Know before you act

Rapidly generate and assess multiple scenarios and select the optimal alternative.

Respond to reality

Optimize resources on an ongoing basis based on new information.