World Oil magazine (July 2019): Assessing well delivery scheduling capabilities

Monday, July 22, 2019

Published in World Oil magazine, July 2019

For an operator, the critical value chain at the heart of the company is focused on well delivery. In today's complex and fast-moving drilling programs, creating the schedule of activity sequences, and managing it on an ongoing basis for a large set of wells, is key to success.

Over the last decade at Actenum, we've seen many unconventional operators move from simplistic scheduling using MS-Excel spreadsheets to more sophisticated software applications. And no wonder! In areas like the Permian, it's no longer wise to attempt to schedule by simply opening a spreadsheet and listing the resources assigned to sets of well-based activities, along with associated data. This approach can lead to major problems: 1) rigs assigned to drill more than one well simultaneously in different locations; 2) wells scheduled for completion before they have been drilled; 3) frac crews arriving at a pad to find drilling either not started at all or still in progress; and 4) unexpected shortages of frac water and other critical materials.

As companies strive to use capital more effectively, reduce cycle times, and respond rapidly and reliably to operational disruptions, they must schedule in a manner that accounts for program costs and budgets, lease obligations, the potential for well interfence, well production, rig and frac crew utilization, and availability of water and other materials. Capturing information about these issues in one application that provides an integrated view of operations, and warns of possible problems, boosts scheduling efficiency, which translates into operational efficiency.

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