New release of DSO/Upstream increases efficiency of unconventional drilling programs

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Actenum Corporation today announced the latest release of DSO/Upstream, the industry's most advanced software for rapid, reliable scheduling of upstream operations.

The new release, DSO/Upstream 4.2, incorporates significant new features that are of particular interest to unconventional operators who employ a “factory” approach to drilling programs. For example, multiple types of activity (such as pad construction, drilling, completion, and fracturing) may be grouped into a sequence and scheduled against any type of resource (including drilling and “spudder” rigs, and construction/completion equipment). Wells may be associated with leases and, and lease “clocks”—time-based operational obligations—are then incorporated into the schedule to ensure compliance with lease agreements.

As well, DSO/Upstream 4.2 provides support for activity and resource blackout periods, to enable operational or environmental constraints to be addressed at any time during the scheduling process.

Other new features in DSO/Upstream 4.2 include:

  • Integration of production decline curves by geographic area or individual well/pad, together with associated metrics, such as NRI and WRI;
  • Definition and management of milestones in the well delivery lifecycle, with alerts showing status (“imminent”, “completed”, “past due” for example);
  • Support for sequencing and grouping of activities, to reflect pad-based drilling and completions;
  • Multiple additional Gantt chart schedule views with complete support for drag-and drop interactions.


“DSO/Upstream 4.2 extends our scheduling and optimization capabilities in a way that provides additional, important benefits.” said Paul Maurer, Actenum CEO. “Our customers have increased confidence in their ability to deliver on business plan requirements, to manage their resources more effectively, and to understand the timing of critical elements of the well delivery process that have direct impact on operational and HSE objectives.”

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