Actenum releases DSO/Maintenance 5.1: advanced software for optimizing maintenance schedules

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Actenum Corporation announced today the production release of DSO/Maintenance 5.1, the latest version of its advanced software for rapid and reliable optimization of complex operations maintenance schedules.

DSO/Maintenance saves time and effort by automatically assigning crew and equipment resources to maintenance work orders, and sequencing those work orders in a schedule that meets or exceeds organizational objectives. At the same time, DSO/Maintenance ensures that all operational and business constraints are satisfied, while instantly calculating outcomes (in terms of user-defined key performance metrics) as schedules are manually updated and fine-tuned by users.

The 5.1 release of DSO/Maintenance couples a flexible and configurable maintenance data model with Actenum’s powerful and proven user interface and optimization technology. It also features an integrated scenario generation and analysis capability that enables multiple schedule alternatives to be examined and evaluated for use as operational conditions change, or disruptions occur. As well, DSO/Maintenance 5.1 includes:

  • Multi-objective optimization of any schedule, with built-in trade-off analysis;
  • A goal-seeking feature that adjusts results to meet specific requirements (such as budget or resource constraints);
  • Extensive import/export facilities, to enable optimization and evaluation of schedules developed using other software tools such as MS-Project, Oracle Primavera, and SAP;
  • Location tracking for all equipment and resources.

“This latest release of DSO/Maintenance is the result of several years of development,” said Paul Maurer, Actenum’s CEO. “It enables organizations to move beyond manual methods to dramatically improve maintenance-related decision-making and efficiency, and reap the benefits of optimum equipment utilization and production performance.”

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