Actenum Corporation Announces New Release of Actenum Upstream

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Improved features help oil and gas operators schedule their field activities and respond to new information faster, and better manage complex schedule dependencies in a single platform

HOUSTON, October 30, 2019: Actenum Corporation today announces a new release of Actenum Upstream, Version 6.6. This release, available immediately, provides for enhanced collaboration between users, and improvements to the user interface that streamline a scheduler’s workflow, and deliver a better user experience.

New features include:

  • Collaborative editing, which supports schedule data updates through DSO/CX, the web-based schedule viewing component of Actenum Upstream. This feature enables data to be updated and reviewed by any authorized user, before submission to the schedule, and is the first step in the release of more comprehensive collaboration capabilities in future product versions.
  • Data Areas, which are self-contained collections of data tables and fields used during collaborative editing and by integration to third party applications. Data areas confine information updates to specific tables, eliminating any impact on other schedule data, and maintain a high level of accuracy in schedule information.
  • User interface improvements, for wizard-based installation and server configuration, more intuitive dialogs for reviewing schedule changes, and a better user experience on higher resolution screens.
  • Improved ARIES® Integration via an ARIES connector module, to align ARIES production forecasts with Actenum Upstream’s improved Production Profiles data area. Additional well level identification information may now be imported from ARIES for better synchronization of Actenum Upstream schedules with ARIES data.
  • Improved Logging, which will provide detailed information to Actenum support for faster resolution of support requests.

The new release also features minor application improvements that will improve speed and usability.

“Having the ability for team members to collaborate with colleagues down the hall and in the field is critical to improving the process of scheduling complex drilling programs,” said Paul Maurer, Actenum CEO. “This release of our AI-driven scheduling platform is another step forward in enabling teams to work together more effectively in managing their operational activities and resources.”

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