Actenum announces transition period for DSO/Upstream "read-only" license program

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Actenum Corporation today announced that its DSO/Upstream “read-only” license program will end on 31 March 2016, as users requiring read-only access to DSO/Upstream schedules transition to Actenum's newly-released schedule visualization product, DSO/CX (Collaboration eXchange).

Released in June 2015, DSO/CX is a web-based application that supports collaboration among work teams who depend on accurate and timely schedule information to achieve business goals. It enables users to view schedules created and managed using DSO/Upstream, and provides accurate and timely reporting on all well delivery activity sequences and resource use.

Users may access DSO/CX from desktop workstations or mobile devices, employ a mapping feature to view scheduled activity locations over time, and create personalized dashboards.

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For more information on the transition to DSO/CX, please contact Actenum Corporation:

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