Thursday, February 20, 2020


Please join us at the following conferences to see demonstrations of our DSO family of products:

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC)

July 20-22, 2020

Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

October 5-7, 2020

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Improved features help oil and gas operators schedule their field activities and respond to new information faster, and better manage complex schedule dependencies in a single platform

HOUSTON, October 30, 2019: Actenum Corporation today announces a new release of Actenum Upstream, Version 6.6. This release, available immediately, provides for enhanced collaboration between users, and improvements to the user interface that streamline a scheduler’s workflow, and deliver a better user experience.

New features include:

Monday, July 22, 2019

Published in World Oil magazine, July 2019

For an operator, the critical value chain at the heart of the company is focused on well delivery. In today's complex and fast-moving drilling programs, creating the schedule of activity sequences, and managing it on an ongoing basis for a large set of wells, is key to success.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Published in Hart Energy's E&P magazine, July 2019

Well delivery scheduling is a lot like chess. It involves coordinating many moving parts in an operational environment that is constantly changing to reach a goal that is often altered in response to business needs. Accurate scheduling improves organizational responsiveness to operational changes and yields significant economic benefits. But the consequences of a poor schedule can be severe: deferred production, cycle time delays and increased costs

Monday, June 17, 2019


All Technical Support and Maintenance for DSO/Upstream 6.1 will end on 31 December 2019. This follows the termination of all DSO/Upstream 6.1 product development efforts at the end of 2018.

DSO/Upstream 6.1 was introduced more than 18 months ago, and has now been superseded by DSO/Upstream 6.5 (which incorporates backward compatibility with earlier DSO/Upstream versions).

DSO/Upstream 6.5 is available to all active supported customers as a free upgrade. It incorporates new features and capabilities not available in earlier versions of DSO/Upstream.

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