Oil And Gas Production Software Solutions With Actenum

E&P Magazine: Ensuring enterprise-wide E&P scheduling efficiency

In the face of the current downturn, operators are looking for ways to ensure assets and resources return maximized value, especially in their drilling programs where optimal utilization and minimal downtime of rigs is critical. While more companies in the industry are digitizing their operations, selecting scheduling software for their operations is emerging as a new way to maximize return on assets and lower risk.

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Actenum Maximize Well Delivery Scheduling Effectiveness

World Oil magazine: Assessing well delivery scheduling capabilities

For an operator, the critical value chain at the heart of the company is focused on well delivery. In today’s complex and fast-moving drilling programs, creating the schedule of activity sequences, and managing it on an ongoing basis for a large set of wells, is key to success.

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Why Change How You Schedule Oil & Gas Drilling With Actenum

E&P magazine: A step change in operations scheduling

Well delivery scheduling is a lot like chess. It involves coordinating many moving parts in an operational environment that is constantly changing to reach a goal that is often altered in response to business needs. Accurate scheduling improves organizational responsiveness to operational changes and yields significant economic benefits. But the consequences of a poor schedule can be severe: deferred production, cycle time delays and increased costs.

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Actenum Oil And Gas Scheduling Software

Digital Energy Journal: Eagle Ford operator saves $500k from scheduling software using Actenum

US scheduling software company Actenum reports that an Eagle Ford Shale operator was able to add $500k to its annual earnings, through being able to capture all of its program activities and milestones for a drilling program in a single schedule on the software.

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