Web-based solution for comprehensive schedule visualization and reporting

Share the schedule, anywhere, anytime

Actenum DSO/CX incorporates comprehensive schedule visualization and reporting capabilities, including GIS mapping, so that any authorized user can view the optimized schedule in a way that makes sense to them. Accessible from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Actenum DSO/CX significantly improves efficiency, collaboration and mobility, providing up-to-the-minute schedule information anywhere, any time.

Collaborate more efficiently for a connected worker environment

See where an activity is taking place and the other activities around it. Look at reports created by the Master scheduler. Or, generate your own reports and share them with your immediate team. Actenum DSO/CX enhances collaboration by easily allowing you to exchange data with your peers who are working towards the same goal. Actenum DSO/CX aides in keeping workers connected (figure 2).

Make the right decisions

Actenum DSO/CX eliminates delays and poor decisions that result from miscommunication and information that’s not up to date, by providing alerts on the latest view of the schedule and notification of any changes. What’s more, comprehensive filter and sort functions, advanced analytics, and the ability to map exact activity locations allow teams using Actenum DSO/CX to make fully informed decisions, faster.