About Us

We turn scheduling into a strategic advantage

Scheduling is a complex and critical activity in asset-intensive organizations, with substantial economic impact. Since 2003, Actenum has led the way in developing scheduling software that drives business value by increasing operational efficiency, reducing non-productive time, and improving project team collaboration. Utilizing the latest technology advances for intelligent scheduling, we ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right time. Our sophisticated scheduling software and optimization technology enable customers to do more with less and increase capital efficiency, through the effective use of resources.

AI-powered, industry-proven software

AI-powered, Actenum software has been designed to directly address the limitations of manual approaches and yield tangible economic benefits. Users immediately understand the impact on goals such as costs and production when moving equipment, adding crews, and making other resource decisions. Each team or business area has visibility over the entire schedule and can use built-in “What-if?” analysis to generate scenarios and identify the optimal alternative. In addition, Actenum scheduling software enables all parties to benefit from a single-source view of operations that enables everyone to understand the allocation and use of major resources.

Advanced scheduling for a broad range of industries

Whether it’s the oil and gas industry, a manufacturing plant, a refinery, or any other complex environment, our software tools are highly configurable to accommodate integrated scheduling and offer robust features such as visual scheduling with drag and drop ease. As a single source of all schedule-related data including timing, production, costs, Actenum scheduling software can be implemented quickly to deliver on the customer’s vision of scheduling for their operations right away.

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