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Building an optimized schedule for upstream oil and gas operations is not an easy task. Getting equipment to the right place at the right time, with all the right people, across a number of pads spread over multiple geographic areas, make scheduling a complex challenge. Changing business goals make it even more challenging.

Actenum’s upstream schedule and optimization software turns operations scheduling from a painstaking manual task into a strategic advantage. Well and asset managers can immediately understand the impact on goals such as costs and production when moving equipment, removing rigs, adding crews, and making other resource decisions .

Read our latest White Paper to learn how Actenum software can increase the efficiency and agility of well delivery projects. Or read one of our case studies to find out how operators are using Actenum software:

What can you achieve with
Actenum upstream schedule optimization?

Hit production targets

Hit Production Targets

Increase business value by building highly accurate and responsive operations schedules that increase efficiency and deliver predictable performance.

Maximize return on assets

Maximize Return on Assets

Operational decisions automatically align with business goals, maximizing return on assets through intelligent, responsive, resource allocation.

Turn change into opportunity

Turn Change into Opportunity

Adjust an optimized schedule when necessary and ensure that business rules and constraints are always satisfied—no matter how complex your operations.

See the impact of your decisions

See the Impact of Decisions

Immediately see how your decisions will impact business goals such as costs and production, using “What if?” scenarios and advanced analytics:

  • Can we maintain required production with 3 fewer rigs?
  • If we shrink costs by 20% over the next 9 months, what will be the impact on productivity?
Integrate operations for efficiency

Integrate Operations for Efficiency

Allow everyone in your organization to benefit from a complete, single source view of operations.

Incorporate well delivery, facilities, and other activities into a master integrated operations schedule.

Bring everyone together with a single consistent upstream schedule

Bring Everyone Together

Get everyone on the same page. Work from a single-source view of the operations schedule from a laptop, smart phone, or mobile device. Multiple visualization features— including a map view—help people to monitor the schedule in real time.

What makes Actenum upstream schedule software different?


Superior Engine

Actenum’s patented Decision Support Optimization (DSO) engine outperforms any solution on the market, by examining thousands of schedule combinations per second to find an optimized schedule sequence.


Ready to Go

Actenum has built a comprehensive model of integrated upstream operations into DSO. Simply load your data, start scheduling, and DSO does the work.


Ultimate Flexibility

Actenum products are completely configurable and can model any type of workflow, activity, resource, and constraint.


Effortlessly Handles Change

Adjust schedules automatically or manually as operational changes occur. Fine-tune results to stay on plan and minimize costs.