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One application. One integrated schedule.

Reduce costs and cycle times.

Improve decision-making.


Integrated scheduling enables you to effectively develop your oil & gas assets, from concept to operations. But many operators use multiple applications and spreadsheets—together with labor-intensive data management processes—in an attempt to schedule their development programs in an integrated manner. This approach isn't suitable for the rapid pace of upstream operations, doesn't provide transparent visibility into the timing and sequence of all well delivery activities, and may actually reduce business agility.


DSO/Upstream lets you manage development program schedules that are truly integrated, incorporating permitting, construction, facilities, drilling, completion, and field operations. All needed operations information is in one place, accessible to all. As well, DSO/Upstream provides immediate feedback on the impact of schedule changes, in terms of important user-defined Key Performance Indicators.


  • See an integrated view of all activities
  • Watch how your costs change as your program unfolds
  • Assign targets and set up your schedule to meet them
  • Evaluate multiple courses of action to select the most appropriate schedule for any contingency

A real-world experience

After implementing DSO/Upstream to build an integrated master program schedule, a leading operator saved $1.5 M in the first 3 months of use.


Instead of multiple, siloed schedules managed with different applications, a single, integrated view of all well delivery operations made it possible to dramatically reduce time spent in meetings and enabled the optimization of all equipment across the program's value chain.



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Watch a 5 minute video demonstration to see how DSO/Upstream enables you to track important KPIs throughout your drilling project.


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Read the White Paper

Read our White Paper on enhanced scheduling to learn more about how Actenum is uniquely able to increase well delivery efficiency.





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